Finding a Relationship Partner

Dr. Laurie Moore offers a process for finding a soul-mate quality relationship. Receive assistance for growing in healthy ways during pleasures and challenges with a relationship that is fulfilling, supportive, and rewarding.


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Dr. Laurie Moore's sessions are all by phone and Skype. If you are craving some in person one-one-one study time you can now do intensives in her beautiful retreat New Mexican abode.

These intensives are tailored designed to support your individual self, your unique needs, your fulfilling experience, and your future life forever after!

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NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY. People seeking California or New Mexico counseling - psychotherapy must contact Laurie Moore, LMFT specifically for that. People seeing Laurie Moore for psychotherapy are not eligible for readings or coaching-healing which is a much in depth process and different type of process. Due to licensure legalities, people seeking psychotherapy must reside in California or New Mexico. For psychotherapy please email with your interest. Laurie's admin will direct you to the psychotherapy website. Thank you.
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After I met Dr. Laurie I felt assured that I could find a right-match mate for me. I finally released a relationship that wasn't in my best interest. I met some one and was elated. My friends said, "Jeri, I think you hit the jack pot."


Laurie was relentless with assistance that I let go of someone whom I did not truly love. I did and soon found my husband. We have been married for 13 years.


Dr. Laurie told me a certain man would only cause me trouble but I did not listen.

Years later I came back divorced and told her I wished I had. She comforted me saying, "You needed to go through that and you have two beautiful kids. Now you can find the right man and you will be all the more grateful."

I did and have been happily married for years. We had my third child together. Eventually we had a problem so we called Dr. Laurie who said, "this can be easily worked out." In one session it was. I am happily in love with my husband.

Sarita Gemstone, Social Worker

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