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Adrianna Velez

Multi-faceted Writer and Upcoming Wellness Coach

Ana Maria Vasquez

Expert Animal Communication Expert, Spiritual Facilitator and Producer of Here we Grow Again and Numerous Internet Talk Shows

Arielle Ford

Globally Acclaimed Author of Many Books Including Soul Mate Secret and Founder of Evolving Wisdom, Co founder of Spiritual Cinima Circle


Feline Unconditional Love and Master at Enlightened Playing

Dawn Brunke

Expert Animal Communicator and Author of Many Books Including Animal Voices

Ed Spina

The award-winning author of Mystic Warrior & Mystic Secrets Revealed, and developer of Energy Center Clearing & Higher Self Integration.

Elisa Wowza Lodge

Author, Ageless Vitality Expert and Expressive Arts Therapy Expert

Elyse Poppers

Author, Actress, Artist

Gopala Bala

Feline Unconditional Love and Master Teacher of Kindness

Jane Sibbett

Actress, Producer, and Channel for Dancing Hands

Dr. Joe Vitale

Movie Star in The Secret, Best Selling Author, Author of Many Books Including The Miracle Six Steps to Enlightenment

John Burgos

Producer of Top Internet Talk Show Beyond the Ordinary , Best Selling Author , Expert Transformational Teacher

John Mizelle

Music, poetry, counseling, consulting, and tools to discover, explore, and celebrate our essential nature

Karen Lorre

Living and Overflowing in Unconditional Love

Karen Richards

Non-Duality Friend and Mentor

Dr. Katie Hendricks

Evolutionary Catalyst, Freelance Mentor and Creative Officer, Director of Training at Hendricks Institute

Kenji Kumara

Globally Known Spiritual Catalyst and the Creator of Quantum Lightweaving

Liah Howard

Professional Expert Psychic and Channel

Dr. Maia Kincaid

Pioneer in the field of Animal Communication, Author of six books, founder of The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication

Meredith Whitney

Expert Animal Communicator, Intuitive, and Medium

Miracle Womens Group

Dr. Laurie Moore's Class of People Creating Heavens on Earth

Rick Archer

Founder and Producer of Top Internet Show Buddha at the Gas Pump, SAND Conference Lecturer

Sarah Bennett

Creator & Founder
Death for Love

Saryon Michael White

Channel and Intutive Consultant

Sotiria Klironomos

Author of Freedom Living Your True Life, Detective Sergeant and Founder of the NYZOVIE Heritage kit

Dr. Tamaey Gottuso

Multi-Disciplinary Mentor and Sought After Metaphysician

Thomas Young

Globally Known Wisdom Teacher and Author of Many Books Including Mother Healing and Father Healing

Tom Paladino

Scalar Energy Remote Treatment Master

Dr. Tricia Working

Pet healer,  author of The Fur Agreements and communicator on a mission to help people become Better Pet Guardians.

Val Heart

Animal Communication Expert, Internationally Recognized Pet Psychic, Master Healer

Dr. Laurie Moore

Globally Recognized Master Animal Communicator, Human Reader-Coach and Transformational Specialist, Author of The Cat's Reincarnation and Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans, LMFT, CHT

We value your privacy and would never spam you