Animals and Humans Crossing Over: Finding Truth


The main question people call about is what does my animal wish to do and when?

Is Euthanasia desired and if so now or later? Each animal is unique and will have an individual set of needs, request and plans which Dr. Laurie explains by speaking to the animal.

Many feel that feel that we can make this choice for the animal from observing the outside conditions yet Dr. Laurie's experience differs. Each animal has a plan, a desire to get help or not, and reasons for when, how and why. Only when we see from the individual animal's view can we respect the animal's choice.

Dr. Laurie will frequently speak to animals about their wishes when the ending of life appears to be coming.

She often works with genuine reincarnation cases too.

When a loved one is going to pass, is passing, or did pass, life is full of questions, emotions, and unique experiences. We need support. What we are facing may be hard to articulate. We are in our own transformative process. We may be sad, happy, scared, grateful, devastated, blissful, inquisitive, overwhelmed and having mystical spiritual experiences all in a one day. We may feel alone or very loved, confused, or very clear all in an afternoon! We have questions and needs.

Both sorrow and joy are common. Speaking our full truth can be vulnerable. Will we be accepted? Complex emotions and questions are to be expected. We need a safe place to talk!


Pre-Crossing Coaching 50 Minutes/$330 Purchase pre-crossing coaching.
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Post-Crossing Coaching 50 Minutes/$330 Purchase post-crosing coaching.
Pre, During, and Post Crossing Coaching
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Pre, During, and Post Crossing Coaching
Ten 50 Minute Sessions
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* Laurie understands that scheduling by the calendar is not always possible when crossing is involved. If you prefer to by pass the online calendar and schedule directly, please email or call the office. She will do her very best to assist you when you are in need.

Care-takers have a unique set of needs. Those passing and making choices about their passing have a unique set of needs. An understanding listener and helper is deeply valuable, effecting repercussions in years to come in a positive way. Coaching with a specialist who has worked with cross-overs for many years can be comforting, clarifying, and the source of great peace. Talking to an animal intuitive who can speak on behalf of the animal you love is a foundation for knowing you are giving the best to your loved one.

Laurie Moore, LMFT, PHD has worked as a grief counselor (licensed mft, hypnotherapist, EMDR facilitator) with humans and animals for decades. She has worked as a animal heart-telepath who speaks to animals on this side and the other for over a decade.

Laurie is here to assist you with your emotional needs, spiritual questions, and choices. She is here to help you before, during, or after the crossing. Find your truth. When a loved one crosses, it is a time to discover who we are more deeply.

Laurie respects all spiritual paths, religions, and agnostics. She does not impose her views. She is here to embrace and help you to trust yours.

Reincarnation understanding and assistance are available if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Animals or People

Does Laurie assist animals or people?


Laurieís experience of human reincarnation is that it takes a lot longer. People that die in her/your life time are unlikely to re-appear in her/your life time in the physical realm. They can speak to you from the other realm. The reincarnation coaching is for animal situations.


Is what I say, the fact that I came for help, and anything else I share strictly confidential?

Absolutely. Coaching is a private time for you.

Couples and Families

Can coaching be for more than one person?

Laurie is happy to work with couples and family members (human and animal). Whether coaching will be most effective in pairs groups, one-on-one or a combination of these is decided case by case.At this time she will gather needed info to make a recommendation best suited to your situation and needs.

Complex Feelings

I felt angry, confused, and guilty at times because the being who was dying was taxing for me. Can I open up to Laurie about this and know I will not be judged?

Without a doubt! Laurie knows that care takers and those getting ready to pass can feel these emotions and many others. This is natural. People can also feel relieved when a loved one finally releases the physical suffering and goes. People can feel happy as well as sad when a loved one goes. People can go into awakenings and bliss when a loved one goes. We are not given this info in the psychology books but Laurie embodies it, experiences it and respects it!

Coaching, Reading or Psychotherapy

Is this coaching, reading or psychotherapy?

This process is a combination of coaching and reading. This is not counseling. It is more in depth. For strict counseling with no intuitive reading and healing, and no connecting to the other side, you can go to Laurieís counseling practice. Due to laws and ethics, counseling and coaching/reading cannot be combined.

Laurie finds that everything loved ones need when someone is preparing to pass, is passing, or has passed is offered in this process. Laurie finds that everything one who is passing needs in preparing to pass, at passing time, or post passing is offered in this process.


What is Laurieís view on reincarnation?

Laurie assists with animal reincarnation. The Divine decides if it is in the highest interest for all involved for an animal to reincarnate. The Divine will help life evolve in the way most benevolent. Sometimes the animal is asked to choose.

Laurie has assisted with many reincarnations including experiencing her cat Jessieís reincarnation twice.

If you do not believe in reincarnation Laurie respects that. This part of the service is available but only included by request when appropriate. Nothing can be forced.


Laurieís rates are high end. Is this because of her outstanding skills?

Actually, Laurie saves you years of time. As a result you can save a lot of money by doing her programs. Ordinarily someone will seek out the following professionals separately: licensed therapist, coach, certified hypnotherapist, intuitive reader, medium, animal communicator, EMDR specialist, spiritual facilitator or teacher, and grief counselor. Seeing these people will often lead to a need for deeper work on underlying issues with relationships, habits, precious trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, spirituality, and life questions. Thus secondary work may require additional professionals.

Laurie has decades of advanced training, graduate work, special certifications and practice in all of these with hundreds of happy customers. She has a background with the LMFT license that required 3000 hours of practicum work, a 4 hour written test, and a 2 hour oral test as well as a graduate degree. While this process is not counseling itself, she comes highly prepared from her years as a licensed therapist in addition to her many years as an animal communicator, spiritual facilitator, and human coach.

Ten weeks with Laurie is often the equivalent of many years with many others. Your $300 meeting will likely be worth months of time with many other facilitators. Your $2497 ten time package may save you $20,000+. Many people tell Laurie they received more in her one to ten sessions than they did with years of other help from many facilitators.

Gratitude Shares

"Laurie, the last time an animal of mine passed I had clinical depression for an entire year. Because I spoke to you this time, I feel lightness and joy. I feel the lightness my dog friend is feeling on the other side. Thank you. You listen to God."

- Sandra

"Laurie, you made me laugh. That is exactly how my father was! Thank you for letting us know what he has to say from the other side."

- Cindy and James

"Laurie, I reached out to many sources. You are the one that helped the most. Thank you for understanding what it is like for me to have lost a parent to suicide."

- Elaine

"Laurie, I feel at peace because of our talk. I had been feeling guilty. Knowing what my animal friend desires for her own crossing over (euthanasia or not) and that she is at peace helped me a lot. Grateful for knowing of her thanks for how I tried so hard to help has given me peace. Thank you.

- Annie

"Laurie, you absolutely know my animal inside. You must be talking to him because you never met in the physical world, but you have pin pointed him!"

- Grace

* Gratitude Share names are often changed to protect confidentiality.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

All session sales are final. Session fees are not refunded.

A 72 hour notice is required to change the date of the session without having to pay for an additional session.

Important Note: Reading and Coaching sessions solely  offer you perspectives to consider. You are responsible for your own life decisions, choices, beliefs, and actions. Coaching and readings are not a substitute for counseling, therapy, psychiatric care, medical care, veterinary care, or financial advice from a CPA, investor or licensed financial adviser.

Laurie does NOT offer LMFT counseling or therapy to her coaching and reading clients. 

By purchasing a session on this website you:
  1. Fully comprehend that Laurie is solely your perspective coach (offers subjective perspective for you to use or not use as you choose) and subjective reader (offers one subjective opinion for you to consider). What you use from this perspective and opinion offering is your own choice.
  2. You are solely responsible for every choice you make regarding your own life.