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Waves of your consciousness send love's laughter to you. When you listen to this music of the heart you are liberated. You sing in harmony with life.

Animals invite you home. Come to the place in your heart that laughs in joy, cries in gratitude, sings from inspiration and beckons you in gratitude. Be re-created.

Your heart is ready to know love in all situations. Every person and animal has whole love in her~his heart. In each heart is the one universes heart. Melt into this beautiful drum beat of all life.

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Learn the language of the animals. Discover that you have always been complete. The path is simple. The path is you.

Read a love letter from Dr. Laurie to you.

Read a Mission Statement for Dr. Laurie's work.

Read a message from Dr. Laurie to you.

Dear Friends:

We can remember how to listen to the LOVE message that all beings bring. Each being you meets: person, animal, plant, angel, is essentially LOVE. When you find that YOU are the love, everyone is the love. All life is a miracle. Your unique calling gives rise to the most fulfilling service you have to share. Your individuality is offered as a gift to all others. The effect of this is a fulfillment that is deep and available in all times of life.

This discovery is available to everyone, now. Return to deep peace, joy, and celebration of your unique self within the oneness of all selves. Learn to communicate with people, animals, elements, angels, and all of life, everywhere, in a communion of respectful and honoring love.

During a Satsang~Seminar, Dr. Laurie offers herself with one-on-one time in the group so that we all benefit from each other. You may ask questions about your beloved animals, your life, life itself. You may simply come to share your awakening or to receive help finding the source of this awakening in you. There will be some music, silent time, a short talk, and time for questions. Some times Dr. Laurie gives a simple and very valuable group or partner exercise.

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Be fulfilled while manifesting the life that carries your dreams BY DISCOVERING YOU ARE LOVE. Love holds all.

Experience life's challenges as opportunities. Be LOVE in life's many circumstances! You are here on Earth to celebrate the JOY of being the love that holds all polarities!

You are whole. You are love. You are consciousness through which flows joy, peace, health, wealth and bliss somewhere within you. And you are at essence the neutral vacant moment of pure nothing...which gives you the opportunity to create. Surrender to the LOVE within. Now all you encounter is a dream of great heart, laughter, and tears of inspiration.

Longing tells you that you yearn to fully merge back into Love. Longing may be a reminder that your outer potential is beckoning more from you. Yearning may be the call back home

I invite you to discover that you are the source of your complete fulfillment. You discover that you are in community with people, animals, plants, angels, archangels, master teachers, fairies, elements who are all of one heart. This heart lives in you just as you live in this heart.

As you enter into all aspects of your consciousness, each sensation, emotion, and thought, you find the allness that holds each individual. One Love is the root of many faces and many flavors!

In discovering yourself to be unlimited source of love, joy, inner wealth, health, peace and bliss, chronic difficulties of all kinds may be replaced with immense peace, success, and great joy. In remembering the Divine essence in stillness and motion taking form, the source becomes apparent. This light-source has been named Quezecoatle, Jesus, Magdalene, Buddha, Quan Yin, Raddah, Krishna, Shekinah, Allah, the one emanating vast light of creation taking form, the Sun, the plants, the insects, the elements, the stars, the breath, the human, the benevolent light beings, the visible and invisible masters, the angels and archangels, the here now, the heart takes over. What was once the "I" is a series of reflections from source. From the neutral light, all past agendas dissolve. The one heart-beat to which the animals, insects, and elements, dance harmony is found within. The karmic layers belong to all and none and thus are fully faced in the dissolving. The Oneness is who you are. The body personality is a microphone of lovely creative expression.

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The animals have given us keys to all that the enlightened masters have taught. I invite you to learn to speak with them and receive their messages. I invite you to learn to:

  2. Attract the life of your dreams by falling into love with truth in each moment.
  3. Be heart telepathic with animals, angels, ascended masters, and friends.
  4. See the good in every single situation.
  5. Attract that for which you have yearned. Manifest the dream life, body experience, abundance, career, relationship and spiritual awakening you choose.
  6. Live life as a spiritual journey in each moment.
  7. Transform undesired situations.
  8. Be at peace with non-preferred situations.
  9. Experience friendships, colleague-ship and relationships in bliss and love.
  10. Learn how to follow your soul's deepest calling.
  11. Experience the kind of unconditional support and acceptance you always yearned for.
  12. Have fun and be fulfilled in new ways.
  13. Enter new worlds of communication with all life.
  14. Enter the new paradigm where all is in motion and the moment of creation is this second.
  15. Find acceptance with the parts of living that are non-preferred, painful, and challenging.
  16. Enter new frequencies, realms, colors, experiences that animals and angels and masters find. You are this.
  17. Come home to LOVE for LOVE is the moment that created you and the eternal truth of existence.
  18. Find continuous happiness, success, service, and fulfillment in being who you are.
  19. Give forgiveness, kindness, care, compassion genuinely.

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"My life changed for evermore after Dr. Laurie Moore's seminar. I am grateful for life each day and each moment. I am now in school to do my dream job!"

~Christina Basor, Mother and Chef
"I have seen her do her magic with many people. She teaches manifestation second but she always teaches unconditional love first. She teaches communication (what she calls 'evolved communication') the way Jesus did."

~Ken Ohme
"She synthesized the essence of enlightenment, i.e. what every great spiritual teacher has spent years trying to covey to millions of disciples. I was able to GET IT in one day after attempting to do so with many teachers for long periods."
"She is the embodiment of The Divine Mother"

~Craig Vasconcellos, Massage Therapist, Father, and Energy Healer
"I put her up on my website with Babaji and Ammachi."

~Seth Burton, Artist
"My life has changed in every way due to the many years I have studied and worked with Dr. Laurie. I left my nursing job for my dream job. My relationships with everyone changed. I now experience Heaven NOW I thought was only possible after life on Earth!"

~Richard Smith, Father and Sculptor
"I hit the jack pot and found my dream man!"

~Jeri Passaro, Mother and Property Manager
"My back is cured...I cured my back in a few minutes. I did it!"

~Jenny Rowleski

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When you attend a seminar with Dr. Laurie , you are invited to enter "The Miracle Ground: Planet Earth: You are reminded to enter the FULL LOVE~JOY of this planet."

When you are ready to feel the universe inside you, all preferences and non- preferences, all peace and all war, all love and all fear, all that is you is dissolved back into a lightness, a creative moment, a surrendered choice. The possibility of what life is becomes remarkable and simple at the same time. You are in eternal motions and great love, trust and spontaneity. Creativity emanates in all circumstances. You are everything and everyone, yet your personal, unique, soul-tune shows up in contribution and fullness.

You are invited into the eternal silence where you are creation creating and being love. This is only because you invite yourself there. I simply remind you. You invite yourself back to freshly birthed joy, peace, abundance, and kindness.

You have the opportunity to be in love and be in communication with all that is because that is you: the animals, the streams, the fire and the Earth, the humans, the angels, the insects, the master teachers, the flowers, the stars, the songs, the tones, the many thought forms, feelings, cultures, dances and that which comes before and beyond, holding all. You are invited by yourself to choose your thoughts, to be fully present to your feelings, and to go home to the Source LOVE that creates all this. You are invited by yourself to be a witness of gratitude to the perfection of every person and animal, insect and angel, master teacher and planet, flower and sea, every life form that is in conversation with you. I invite you into communication with all that is via the silence and pure love of your full heart.

I invite you into love when you experience your preferences and your non-preferences.

I invite you to take full responsibility for your experience in this moment and to fall in love with everyone and everything.

I listen to the grace of the moment and from this much occurs. We may talk to animals. I may invite you to sit with me. We may celebrate joy. We might address conflict. We may be silent. We may make sounds of laughter, or music, or tones, or tears, or words. We may be outside or inside. We may dance. We may laugh. We will listen and see and feel into layer after layer of consciousness to remember what we are now, in the love, here in the form this moment takes on.

I invite you beyond right and wrong into sharing of infinite possibilities and being the beloved, the lover, the LOVE her~himself, all within your own heart. All that you see, everything you feel, whatever you hear, and all polarities exist for you, from you, because of you, beyond you, because of a dream of love. I invite you into the seven chakra orgasmic love experience that is yours within you.

I invite you into a conversation in which all we need to say to one another is: I love you. I thank you. I celebrate you. I honor you. I rejoice in you. I bliss out in you. I laugh with you. I am sorry for any way I do not please you. I forgive you. I invite you and me into this conversation with you, myself.

Dr. Laurie Moore

1-15 Day Satsang Seminar Schedule 
( Our satsang seminars vary in length.)

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Dr. Laurie teaches in a heart response to the day, the place, and the people present. She invites you into the deepest union of your heart with yourself, all people who are gathered, the sun, the earth, the water, the air, the animals, the angels, the cells, the feelings, the thoughts, the master teachers, the insects, the plants, those in the physical realms and those on "the other side", the past, the present, the future, the planets, the many cultures of all time and all life everywhere.

Dr. Laurie is known for spontaneity and an authentic response to the moment so fun, playful, laughter or tear inspiring and profoundly moving excursions and activities may emerge at any time during her programs. We may sing, dance and play at any time AND there is never any pressure to do anything!

"I prayed for a teacher who would walk by my side as a friend and I found her. Dr. Laurie is like the masters and she keeps herself equal to everyone."

~Mara Sussman
"She creates bliss events!"

~Megan Lynch
"My teacher of life makes things fun! Instead of standing above us she empowers us to be the masters and she makes it a happy time of love."
~Richard Smith
"At the first seminar I attended I felt so happy and I felt like I was returning home to a familiar family! I was given permission to make all my own choices, participate when it was right for me and follow my own needs."

~Annette Steiner
"Dr. Laurie does not wish to be put on a pedestal but it is hard not to do that with her because of who she is. However, she directs me back to being my own authority and the source of my own wisdom. I experienced being fully in my soul self, my higher self at the last meeting."

~Maryam Larki

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